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Do you recognize magnificence?

It is not difficult to recognize the mistakes people make. At work it is easy to see the behavior that gets in the way of an employee or boss. We can see when they’re off track from their stated goal and are reacting with ineffective behavior. At home we can see the mischief our children are "up to.” And our spouse’s flaws are obvious to us. The real challenge lies in seeing another person’s magnificence in the moment they are not behaving magnificently. Our goal must be to identify the specific qualities or "gifts” in a person that can lead to their greatness. When we identify their magnificence we can be much more effective in whatever we’re trying to accomplish in any situation. This skill is a lot harder than it sounds because we are often in our own reactive state. When we are triggered our emotions fuel our thoughts away from seeing another’s magnificence. The same is true even in seeing our own magnificence. It is one thing to measure ourselves but it is a totally different thing when we are criticizing ourselves in a way that does not result in an improvement. Seeing magnificence does not mean excusing or ignoring ineffective or bad behavior. Seeing another’s magnificence does mean a better opportunity for improved results and relationships. Recognizing the magnificence of someone puts the pressure back on us to be influential especially as leaders. Way too often we underestimate our ability to influence others. Recognizing the magnificence of others even in the moment they are behaving otherwise is a powerful way to improve our ability to influence, lead, and create the relationships we desire.

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