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Going Deep Into Nature

Going deep into nature is one way to facilitate the inward journey. I like to go into areas where I will not run into other human beings. Once I am disconnected from civilization my concerns and fears shift. Things like traffic or crime no longer exist. My new concerns revolve around things like water and bears. Nature is not touchy-feely. I am real clear that I am responsible for my safety and I count on nature to be unforgiving. It is not dangerous unless I do something or fail to do something that makes it so. I take in minimal gear but I am grateful for every ounce of it. In the wild I can peel back the layers of myself and discover things I would not learn sitting quietly in my home. It is good to climb high and camp where I can see for miles but it is also incredibly helpful to go down into valleys or forests where it’s dark and even eerie. I always enjoy the natural beauty but my purpose in being in the wild on these trips is to make contact with my soul or whatever is deep inside that wants to come forth. 

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