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There are an infinite number of ways to find meaning. The challenge is to accept that it is entirely your responsibility to decide not only what is meaningful but also how you will manifest that meaningfulness. Guidance is recommended but your path is defined by and required by you. It is rare for someone to determine meaningfulness only once. For most of us we will experience many life transitions where our definition of meaningfulness evolves. Many times it is easy to determine and go for what is meaningful. I am most interested in the difficult challenges where life’s foundation seems to be cracked and falling apart.  Choosing a meaningful path during such a crisis can be a defining moment for a person’s life. Even when people reject the meaningful path they often are given additional opportunities to choose and get back on their path. Eventually, however, a rejection will lead to self-created negative consequences. Remember that we are the ones who choose meaningfulness and we are the ones that demand that we pursue the meaningful path. The way to begin is always by looking inward and asking the questions that will help you discover that which you want to bring forth in your life. 

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