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Shawn Askinosie

One of the best things Caron and I have ever done. I encourage anyone to take a course from Dan Sivils. I will say that it’s not “easy” but it is life changing. I am not sure I have ever seen someone whose talents so perfectly intersect with what the worlds needs as when Dan is teaching a course. I would not be surprised if time stands still for him while he’s helping others in this way. Please consider a gift to yourself—take one of his courses, do the work and watch your life transform.

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Sandy Trencher

I always wonder why anybody would not consider going – that one weekend when I was a student changed my life! I left feeling happier, having more courage, seeing the beauty in myself and the people I knew, my relationship with my husband of 30 years was totally renewed!!!! It is a room where all the people support you, no one judges you, it is a different and fun (Dan is so funny, he makes everyone laugh so much – Dan can’t wait to see you in October!!) if anyone is considering going – just go and give yourself one of the best gifts on this planet!! YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!

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Donald F.

I had the good fortune to attend a Your Infinite Life program for which Dan was one of the instructors. Dan did a terrific job at getting to the heart of the problem for many students (including myself). He combines a laser like focus that doesn’t tolerate any BS with a charm and wit that keeps everyone at ease. I was skeptical going into the program, but Dan helped make it one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

Golda C.

In May 2015 I took the Freedom to Be course as per Dan’s suggestion. At the time I felt stuck, unable to move forward in my personal life. The weekend was a game changer for me. I learned to own up to my part in why I wasn’t getting what I want and to let go of blaming myself and others for my position. I took responsibility and changed my outlook. I was also fortunate to receive followup coaching with Dan because I wanted to make changes in the way I dated. I am so grateful because I was able to open my mind and my heart just in time for my soul mate to come along. I urge and challenge anyone who desires to change to consider a course or coaching session with Dan.

Amanda C.

Dan is amazing a true facilitator of love, healing and wisdom. I highly recommend gifting yourself to join him in one or all of his incredible offerings Thank you Dan for all you do and are......

Berry B.

I took the Remembrance course this time last year, and it was a great way to start the New Year. Dan was one of the instructors and he brings a great blend of compassion and thoughtfulness to the way he approaches everyone's individual issues. I felt like I was in good hands as I opened up to the group about my deepest vulnerabilities. Bottom line I learned alot about myself that weekend, and I credit Dan (and Pam Dunn too!) with helping me have the courage to do it.

Etsuko T.

Like so many others who have already posted, I have taken many courses where Dan was one of the instructors alongside with Pam, Susie, Bobbi…It was such a treat to have him in the course room. I left San Diego in 2014 and have been back in Japan (my home country) since, but reading these comments here made me reflect on how lucky I was to have lived there and that I could attend courses where Dan taught every now and then. It’s not “one of those self-help courses”. It’s truly special, you get to know yourself so deeply, sometimes the work could be hard, but it’s never done in harsh way, it’s done out of love and in loving way. Dan has the gift of making it fun and making people feel accepted right from the start. He is willing to be vulnerable and holds space for us to do the same. Writing this makes me want to fly back to the USA and get my dose of the course room experience again, and I am sure I will be back at some point, maybe bring my boys someday. Without a doubt, I would not have met our third child Hiroto without having gone to the Quest in Mt.Shasta. Our baby is now three years old, and is a bundle of joy and love. He expresses his love so generously and in one of those love moments, my husband said to me “this is so nice, I would consider having another one”

Maybe some of you who were at Mt.Shasta with me could appreciate the significance of his comment. Thank you for all you do, Dan, and hope to see you again!

Kara K.

The wonder child course was such a powerful weekend for many of us. I definitely felt a big shift from the weekend in my healing and growth. It helped me heal an old wound and reconnect to the wondrous part of me. I had no idea how much this wound was affecting several areas of my life and I’m grateful the awareness is there now. It was deep and hard work and totally worth it. I felt very supported by Dan, Pam and the others in the room. Also Dan is hilarious and brings comic relief to the room amongst many other things

Patti S.

Dan, I can’t tell you how much the Remembrance Week-end did for me and my husband. I must admit I was dubious, attending only at the urging of our daughter - but she was 100% right. It was a watershed experience. I am taking concrete steps to realize my dreams of being a writer - steps that I have been afraid to take for years. Your wisdom and insights, your empathy and support for me and every participant, are not only touching, but deeply effective and motivating. I don’t know how you do what you do - but you’re the best!

Kimberly M.

Dan, I am more than happy to offer my support for your work. As a therapist, I know that feeling safe and comfortable in relationships is so important. You bring intelligence, wit, and insight into the course room, and have a real ability to connect with people and help them feel safe and supported during the weekend. That makes you a very effective instructor and coach.

I would (and do!) highly recommend any course that has Dan at the helm.

BethAnne A.

What’s not to say? Dan is the best. Just the right amount of funny, loving, realistic and supportive. The courses are definitely a direct reason as to why my life is where it is right now. I’m actually happy. Married, baby #1 complaining about naptime, baby #2 arriving in March. And I know it’s all because of the tools I learned and stress I’ve been able to let go of. Couldn’t be more appreciative. Seriously hoping I get to come back and assist one day!

Mandy J.

The course I took with Dan and Pam helped jump start a side of myself that I hadn’t ever been in touch with. I have learned how to get in touch with my emotions/feelings because of what I learned in the course. My relationships are the strongest they’ve ever been!

Lia L.

I had no idea what to expect, but I have never felt closer to other people, in my whole life. I didn’t realize what problems others deal with and how everyone can use some empathy no matter what they believe in. I learned to not judge others, everyone has issues I also figured out that I deserve more than what I was getting

Rachel C.

HMS is a very important and necessary course. It helped me not only make amazing friends, many of who I’m friends with till today, but helped me to come to some important realizations in my life. Unfortunately I have not been to an HMS since the first time I went but I hope to go back one of these days and eventually be an assistant. I want to share what I learned and give back to this beautiful program that does so much good! I can't forget to mention Dan and Pam, the dynamic duo who lead HMS flawlessly. They are sensitive and compassionate and my life is definitely better having met them.

Jeff E.

Dan, you rock! You are a gifted coach and instructor. I can’t count the times that I've been in awe watching you do your craft with easy and such amazing compassion. And you are funny at just the right times to reduce the tension and bring light the very heavy situations. You are also brilliant and re framing and putting things into perspective (especially the perspective of the adult).

Taylor B.

I have been to several courses with Pam and Dan. It’s hard to say which one had the biggest impact on my life. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would not be where I am today without the personal growth that I did as a result of these courses. The Remembrance Course inspired me to create lasting changes in my life. It also saved my relationship and created changes in my fiance’s life that I couldn’t be more grateful for. The Wonder Child Course opened my eyes to my true magnificence. I could never thank Pam and Dan enough for that experience. I am so incredibly grateful for all my Your Infinite Life experiences and can’t wait to have even more in the future. My fiance and I are planning on going on a quest later this year! I can’t wait to experience the ripples of change that that course creates in our lives!

Amie S.

I highly recommend any course taught by Dan Sivils. The environment Dan is able to create when he instructs allows people to tap into some of the most difficult parts of their lives and heal on a very deep level. He does this with humor, kindness, and unwavering passion. It’s been a few years since but my experiences as both a student and assistant in courses taught by Dan continues to impact my life. (Sorry I’m a bit late to the game)

Scott S.

Dan is THE man. My favorite part of a course taught by Dan is when someone is saying something really deep, meaningful, and profound to help me in my learning. Sometimes I get so in the thick of the emotions that those moments go in one ear and out the other… Dan will then come out of no where with what I can only describe as a “quizdom”. It’s like wisdom and a quip rolled into one awesome piece of sage advice. 9 times out of 10 it’s pretty hilarious too

Suzanna B.

So…here’s a story to illustrate how my life has changed since attending Your Infinite Life conferences where Dan Sivils was an AMAZING instructor…

I live in Southern California, and today there’s this wet stuff falling from the sky. I‘ve seen it before, but it’s a very rare occurrance here in sunny So. Cal. It’s creating havoc in the streets and on the freeways. As I drove by an accident which shut down 3 lanes, I thought (as I often have) “The idiot driver probably doesn’t know how to drive in rain…probably wasn’t paying attention…probably was tailgating…and deserves to have this happen.” Before attending Dan’s classes, that’s where my experience would have ended. However, I now have a new perspective. I thought about why my mind created such negative thoughts, and I realized it was to protect myself from feeling what that driver must be feeling. I originally chose hate over compassion so that I could avoid pain…but it didn’t work, because I actually created more pain! My judgmental attitude created distance rather than connection. When I decided to put myself in that person’s shoes, I broke down and cried…right there on the freeway! That driver must be feeling frustrated, sad, afraid, uncomfortable, maybe hurt, and maybe angry. I have no idea what happened to cause the accident, and it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I changed course from a moment of criticism to a moment of compassion. It felt GREAT! Thank you, Dan, for helping me discover my protective instincts so that I can replace them with curiosity and learning! I feel a lot more emotion than I used to, which I thought would be scary…but it’s AWESOME!!!

Randal C.

Dan Sivils is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. I met him in the course room, but have continued to work with him beyond the walls of the course. He has such an amazing spirit and way of teaching the courses, and moving through the work. Watching and experiencing him teach is always great because he is always right there with you learning, and you don’t feel as though you’re being taught, but rather that you are [confiding] in a friend. When I’ve had issues from relationship issues, to personal aspirations, to just needing to hear from someone that I’m on the right path, Dan is definitely one of the first people to reach out to. He has become part of my family, and a great friend. Thank you Dan Sivils for being the magnificent soul you are!

Cheryl L.

Literally after 10 years of my son asking me to attend this course, Heart Mind and Soul, (HMS) I refused stubbornly assuming it was just another self-help waste of my time. Although he would come home happy, loving and with renewed energy, I would not give in. After so many years I decided to attend as I wanted to do something for my son knowing how much he loved going and also figured if I did attend, he would finally stop asking me to go. Well, all I can say is when I am wrong, I am very wrong. Not only did I love going I literally came out feeling guilty having made the biggest mistake of my life not attending sooner. My son was right; my weekend was MAGICAL. I can't say enough about how enlightening my experience was. This (me) stubborn, blunt, know it all, not into group programs person truly got into and enjoyed the weekend. I went from numb and afraid to excited and alive. I can't say enough about the wonderment and enlightenment this weekend gave me. I came home longing to attend another, Dan Sivils and Roni Casale who presented ‘The Remembrance Course’ inspired me to create lasting changes in my life. I learned so much about myself and what was really important. I made friends that will last forever, feeling as though I had known them my entire life. I look forward to attending the next ‘Remembrance Course’ and meeting Pam. Thank you Dan and Roni, I will never forget the gift you gave me.

Lisa E.

Dan will help you change your life in a weekend. If you can stop laughing.

What I mean by that is, we all know that looking at our limiting beliefs and past hurts can be challenging and uncomfortable. Dan has the most fun and healing way of showing you how to work through those challenges with acceptance and love. And a whole lot of fun!

Betsy R.

I had an awesome experience. It was a wonderful weekend full of transformation, encouragement and hope. I met lots of amazing people that weekend – both the attendees and Dan, Pam and all the assistants. It was just about a year ago that I attended and I’d love to sign up for another session.

Morgan O.

I met Dan Sivils and Pamela Patterson Dunn when I was 19 years old (I am a 32 year old licensed therapist, yoga instructor, and retreat facilitator now) and encountered the profound learning offered in their courses. I cannot say enough good things about the quality of Your Infinite Life Training and Coaching Company courses. The tools I learned in these courses have directed many important edges of my own life path. Dan’s honest, loving, genuine, and grounded presence light up a room and give students the courage to face deep truths about themselves. Between Pam’s fiercely compassionate facilitation and course instruction, and Dan’s authentic and profound insight, Your Infinite Life course content provides relevant tools to face any situation or revitalize any area of one’s life.

Deanna H.

Dan Sivils is an incredible human being. He manages to provide great life learning skills in a way that is fun, lighthearted and at the same time profound and meaningful. Can’t wait to take another course with him and Pamela Patterson Dunn. They are a dynamic team that will help you see the world through a new and more authentic lens.

Tiffany L.

Do it. Don't waste any more time NOT going to a course. Dan and Pamela will not disappoint.

Cathy L.

I walked into the weekend to Dan rushing over to hug me. I’m not a hugger. I liked him. I don’t generally like people. I felt comfortable sharing. I don’t share. But you know what Dan really did? In one short weekend? He helped me believe in myself. He provided a safe place for me to discover and admit that I don’t dislike people…we peeled back the layers of why I used that as a defense mechanism. He helped me feel worthy and deserving and strong and inspired. The whole team was absolutely incredible, and I made lifelong friends for whom I would do anything. Because of them, I can say that I am me, and that’s enough. I have never felt more whole. As soon as I read this request, tears filled my eyes because the memories of the weekend flooded over me and reminded me, once again, that I am magnificent.

Esther D.

I feel kinda sad to recommend a course which once taken, 1000% sells itself. It's been almost 6 months now since I've participated and I still feel the positive impact here with me each and every day. I say feel because your impact, Dan, is a remarkable can-do spirit which pushes me forward and upward each and every day. I have seen much but nothing I have seen comes even close the to greatness of your work. I am jealous of the impact you are having. If people only knew what you were offering, there’d be nothing left to offer. Countdown to the next HMS. See ya there!

Eloise D.

Enlightened by Magnificence, Enveloped in Love and EYES WIDE OPEN for the first time in my life!!!
Thank You Dan for your continued work in this world by sharing Love in the beautiful way we do in the courses you teach! Happy New Year!

Yehuda S.

Seriously dan!
People shouldn’t have to write anything
Your sensitivity power, intuition, care, determination [are] INCREDIBLE! !!!!!!!!!!!!
You are such a special person who has (and is) touched people’s lives,
You are so talented, yet more your heart is open like the stretch of the ocean
Dan I love u, and don't know how people live without having somebody like u in their life!

Aron L.

I highly, highly recommend these courses! Dan Sivils is truly gifted in what he does. It’s an amazing experience you owe yourself. Give yourself the gift of Dan! Thanks again, Dan. So glad our paths crossed!

Charlene D.

I’m so happy I went to both courses (Remembrance & Freedom to Be). It has been life changing. I really appreciate meeting all the wonderful people, especially Dan Sivils. He is an amazing, thoughtful & a caring person. Both weekends were AWESOME!

Pamela L.

Dan Sivils is hilarious. He brings levity to what can be the heavy work of self-examination. Thank you, Dan (and Susie and Bobbi) for the insights and encouragements!

Jason A.

I have known Danny since we were in Junior High School. I am honored to say he is one of my best friends. I attended two of his courses and assisted one along with his associates Bobbi and Susie. Knowing Dan so well I was hesitant to go to the first one.....well it changed my life and I will never be able to thank him enough. It was a true gift from a best friend on how he was able to guide me through the work that needed to be addressed since my childhood. I had an incredible breakthrough and owe it to him and his team. I was also able to see him as who he truly is and what he has become.... A real man who unselfishly gives to others and teaches them how to love themselves and others.... He is making this world a better place one person at a time. Thank you Danny for answering your true calling! You are the real deal! These courses are amazing and I can't wait to assist again.

Cathy L.

Best. Experience. Ever. Thank you!!!!

Chaviva N.

I don’t remember which course i went too, but i am so looking forward to joining again. It was life changing and put me on a journey with beautiful glasses, and with magnificent people, Dan Sivils, Pam Pamela Patterson Dunn!

Alex G.

Incredible experience

Laura S.

If your heart is drawing you towards taking a course but your head is trying to decide – trust your heart. You will be amazed at how much you can grow and improve your life in a weekend. Dan, Susie and Bobbi facilitated the courses I took, and I could never thank them enough for the gifts they have given me.

Gavriel L.

I’ve heard people say about the course that it’s a life changing experience. Let me tell you, that’s 100% true. I've done it 3 times so far and each time I’ve grown more and more. Pam and Dan are amazing, you’ll get to meet incredible people, and learn real skills to deal with your challenges, whether as a student or an assistant. So don’t wait any longer, just do it!!! Trust me, you won’t regret it

Benita K.

Please heed all of what everyone has said about their positive experiences from attending a course! I have been there as a student, I was the first one to get up and share my story with so many people that I had never met before. Also as well freeing myself of the heavy painful load I had been carrying around on my shoulders for 36 years had felt so unbelievably freeing! Pam and Dan together they are dynamite!! Their love, their persistence to help each student realize their magnificence and I am statements will lighten your heart!! I was a student and have been an assistant twice!! As Gavriel said it is truly a life changing experience, the friendships you build with so many people from all walks of life is in itself a lifelong reward! Dan as I’ve said before you are the man, your sensitive, your hilarious and you bring out the best in everyone that comes to your course, I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to attend an HMS course, meet so many MAGNIFICENT people!!

Stacy C.

Pamela Patterson Dunn and Dan are truly servant leaders My life was changed as well by this course and meeting all these beautiful people. It’s like a year of therapy in one weekend! No brainer!
What’s keeping you stuck?
My love and blessings to you Dan

Alana M.


Shani K.

This course has changed my life in every way possible. It has created a greater awareness for me, and a “can do” attitude that I never thought possible! Please keep up this incredible work.

Karen B.

After months of hearing about HMS (Heart, Mind, and Soul- Remembrance Course) from Chanokh and thinking “holy crap… never going to do this… how am I going to open up in front of strangers… gah” I finally decided to go and it has drastically improved my life for the better. What I love most about HMS is its practicality. Through the direction and leadership of Dan, Pamela, Roni and the team of assistants, you gain useful tools and techniques to communicate what you actually feel versus what you may protecting yourself from. You gain this not just as a student but as an assistant as well. From watching others, you become a part of group that illuminates the idea that vulnerability is strength. The bravest acts I have seen from people in real life is in the HMS course room. I keep going back because I know each time I’ll revisit how much I can love my fellow man, how each person shines, and how much I relate. HMS involves the hardest kind of work you will do, and the most worthwhile for your life.

Kelly L.

I hesitate to say that my life changed the first weekend that I stepped into a course room, because growth takes time. But the weekend allowed me the opportunity to pivot where I was standing and change the trajectory of my path, and to be surrounded with the love and support to choose a life that is full of vibrant grace. The friendships that I have cultivated in this work are constant reminders to pause and realign with my magnificence. My spirit shines bright these days, and for that, I am grateful.

Theresa B.

Dan’s ability to provide a safe and warm environment and make sure we learn how to communicate with empathy and avoid blame and shame patterns. Dan has gifted me with the ability to improve my relationship as a mother, wife and friend. Dan’s keen wit and humor brings much needed comic relief from our deep intense work throughout the workshop. What a gift!! Wonderful.

Sandy T.

I always tell people – give yourself this amazing gift – you deserve it and sometime just one thing you learn can change your world to be much happier and better! You have nothing to loose by coming for a special weekend and everything to gain! Love you Dan ( and thanks for making us laugh all weekend long!!! )

Rivka S.

So many amazing things about this course and this company Your Infinite Life Training and Coaching Company that started me on a new path in my life...but what stands out for me right now is the example set by the instructors (mine have been Dan and Roni and Susie) and my HMS course coordinator Sandy of how to practice Extreme Self Acceptance. Blew my mind.)

Jennifer S.

Life changing.

Karan S.

Dan facilitates a fun and safe course room for you to analyze the choices you have and are making and how they do or don’t serve you. He has the practice and intuition to help you get out of your own way and create the life you desire.

Cherie M.

I’ve had the pleasure of being in several courses with you, Dan. You have been a very important part of my daughters personal development. What I love most about you is how much you open your heart to your students and really show caring from the highest and best place! You are intuitive, kind, and clear about all of your communications! Thanks for the difference you make and for remaining accessible to the people you teach long after the course!

Miriam M.

dan is an amazing person to learn from – non judgemental, caring and compassionate!!! (plus mega sass!!) i def recommend on taking his courses!!! (have i mentioned he has sass??? lol)

Shira F.

Through the various group sessions and activities, as well as during my personal check-in, Dan helped me come to some real truths about myself and my past, and enabled me to move forward in my personal journey. He became an important mentor and friend, and is someone I still turn to during during times of success and challenge.

Theresa B.

I hold Dan as one of my greatest life gifts. What could be more precious than learning practical tools to align the head and the heart? To do this deep learning that markedly improves my marriage, my parenting AND friendships is a hero's journey. Dan provides a perfect compass for life's most important adventure. I delight in his brilliant sense of humor which provides the best comic relief when doing the intense work. Thank you Dan.

Violet L.

You are a Phenomenal coach and instructor- I’m blessed to be able to teach with you. You are the perfect blend of humor and insight and wisdom and kindness.

Lisa E.

I just spent the weekend in a place of deep, holy, healing. With truly beautiful people. Learning and serving and loving. Deepest gratitude and mad respect for Dan Sivils, Susan Peck, Violet Lehrer. If you're wandering what I'm talking about, check out www.yourinfinitelifeonline.com.

Tammy G.

Absolutely life changing.

Carmen A.

I want to share with you my experience of Dan Sivils.
(reading this will take a minute…)

It may seem as though I'm just promoting an amazing Life Coach; One of the instructors for the Your Infinite Life training and coaching company; A great man with amazing wit, wisdom, insight, skills, knowledge and charisma; A man who is intelligent, educated, trained, and experienced in the work he does; Someone who has such a natural ability to show others how to dismantle and face their own shortcomings just so he can show them the way toward self-acceptance and love.
This is not one of those posts where I encourage everyone to hire him because he can literally transform your perception of your own life struggles, shortcomings, or limits to a sigh of relief, peace of mind, openness, and freedom, in just one conversation.

Because the truth is, Dan found ways to make me extremely uncomfortable. He pissed me off a few times (I never told him that, but I'm pretty sure he knew…), and he managed to put me in a place where facing my own beliefs really sucked. With just a few words, I was facing myself and I hated being fully responsible. I was perfectly fine being a victim, blaming others and justifying behaviors that were not serving me or those I love. I was really good with the stories I told about why I was so unhappy. I was also comfortable with knowing that if I told my story(ies) enough times, people would back off, stop making my life so difficult, and just let me be…‘happy’. I’m still a great story teller though…

I signed up for the courses because I wanted some type of relief. I wanted to stop feeling so… worthless. I had been on the self-discovery journey for a few years and had found myself feeling defeated AGAIN! I had already learned that courses like these required great courage. I knew I was up for that. “bring it!” I thought, every time I signed up for one. I had already met my wonderful mentor Susie Guth Walton (whom encouraged me to join…) then I met other amazing instructors like Bobbi Jo Cecio and Larry Cecio, Susan Peck, and of course, Pamela Patterson Dunn, president, owner, author, coach, instructor, guide and friend to so many of us. I found myself in awe at how all of my prayers have been answered with these beautiful humans, the community I’m a part of, and everyone I've met through the courses. The love, acceptance, compassion, guidance, support and encouragement I’ve experienced from the very beginning as a participant and assistant, sustain me through all of my life’s experiences.

So, why am I writing about Dan?

Besides him being so much fun (which greatly helped me feel at ease, safe, and open); In the middle of all my struggles and shortcomings, he once told me that he really knew where I was coming from because he acted or behaved “just like me” in his beginnings (paraphrasing here). I could not believe my ears. How can someone like him with an incredibly open heart that loves and cares so deeply relate to me?! I can be a sarcastic b***, an outspoken jerk, and a closed minded scared control freak! There’s NO way Dan could ever be like me, ever! (wait a minute…haha)

At the time, I dismissed his statement because I was busy feeling sorry for myself and concluded that he had no clue what he was talking about. Then I saw how Dan exposed me to the most vulnerable parts of me. He showed me where my own limiting beliefs were creating the very things I did not want in my life. I was facing things about me that I’ve judged, hated and rejected for a very long time. Dan spoke to me in ways I could hear. He continues to show me by example how to practice self-acceptance for ALL parts of me; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Dan is one of the few people I know who can remain open and committed to learning, growing, connecting, and healing.

I don’t see or talk to Dan much. Yet, in just a simple text chat or brief phone call, I remember who and where I want to be, then I experience genuine love, joy, and peace of mind again. I look forward to seeing him when he comes to San Diego to teach. I enjoy the experience of his love and the way he cares about every single person that is present in the courses he teaches and the work he does.

Did I mention he is so incredibly fun? He is so much fun he makes the most uncomfortable and seemingly difficult situation feel like a fun rollercoaster ride. You know, how you get on the ride knowing you are safe, you’re all fully strapped in, filled with anticipation, you can’t wait for it to start moving, you take a deep breath and hope the machinery is in great condition, you pray to God you don’t fall off and die even though you know, everything is calculated and secured for everyone’s safety. Then as the coaster slowly starts moving, your heart starts beating faster, and you decide you’d rather get off the ride, but it’s too late, you’ve paid for the ticket, it’s too late for a refund and too risky to just jump off…, you take a deep breath and trust that you’ve chosen wisely, as it picks up speed and goes through loops and sharp death like turns. You know you want to throw up, but you hang in there because you know it will eventually stop and you’ll have the opportunity to breathe again. And as soon as it stops, you look around lightheaded and relieved that it’s over. Only to find reasons to laugh again and wish everyone would experience such adrenaline high.
Ok, not everyone’s experience is like mine, but I can assure you I look forward to that feeling every time I assist. Sometimes I enjoy watching the participants go through ‘their ride’ and love being there to remind them that they are safe, all is well, and their experience is well worth it.
Truth is, we’ve all built our own rollercoaster ride experience; Dan is just there to show us how to be in it or create one we are happy to be in. Everyone’s rollercoaster is different and unique. For those who have never had a rollercoaster feeling, I can almost guarantee, that you have NOT experienced life, yet.

I don’t know if I placed the paragraphs in an order or sequence that would clearly state my experience of Dan. I actually love that I cannot find enough words.

What I love most about Dan is that he is just a guy. A man who loves and cares deeply, a father who is still learning to be one, a husband who adores his wife, an instructor/life coach who is passionate about his work, a human being on purpose in a world that needs the gifts he offers, and a friend I can count on.

I share this post because I can, because I want to, and because I’m grateful.

Thank you Dan for giving me glimpses of who I want to be in my journey. You’ve seen the many detours I’ve taken, how I get lost, how I forget, how I refuse to see sometimes, how I don’t want to hear it sometimes, how I get hurt, how I hurt others, and how I find my way back after hurting enough. Ideally, finding my way before it hurts too much would be a good plan. Until I figure out how to do that, I thank you for seeing ‘ME’, accepting me, guiding me, encouraging me, reminding me, and believing in me.

Thank you for being in my life and thank you for being YOU: pure love in the most natural and real human expression I’ve ever seen in a man.

Carlos G.

It has been a few months since my fiancé and I took the course and I must tell you that this course changed our lives. The work that was done during the work shop was phenomenal; the difference was instant for us. We were able to communicate about subjects that we never knew were up for discussion. My fiancé and I thought we had a clear and open line of communication however we realized we were holding a lot from each other. The course opened our eyes to a whole new world, we were able to finally look at a mirror and see our true reflection. Dan Sivils is able to earn a level of respect unlike anyone I had seen before. He instructs the course however it does not feel like he is teaching he is actually able to relate to each and every person in the course on a one on one basis in a remarkable way. Mr. Sivils makes gives so much of himself in the course he has the ability to relate to each and every person, and even though we are all strangers at the beginning of the course we all become one after the course Mr. Sivils gives us the tools we need to not only climb over the wall that we have created but break the wall down and learn how to rebuild ourselves. Ms. Dunn is in one word amazing, she is able to bring out the best of a person and makes sure the person is ready to shine in a new light she is such an inspiration in being able to not dictate but actually lead the course and enabling each person attending the course to reach a level of self-discovery that never before thought possible.